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Nounou \8D/
United Kingdom
Favourite style of art: the porn-y kind
Favourite cartoon character: Ciel, Sebastian, Pluto, Grell, Agni, Joker.. I'm indecisive D8
I've been thinking about this for quite a while, and to be honest, I'm very nervous about doing it. Anyone who knew me before this account will know that I moved once before- my first account I'd had for four years, but I changed and couldn't stand being there anymore. This account has only been here for a year, but.. there are alot of things happening in my life right now that I have no control over. I'm terrified that I wont be able to cope with them, and art is one, if not the only true escape for me.
This account holds alot of memories for me, and although just running away from them isn't
necessarily the most sensible decision, it's all I can do. Alot of them are happy memories,
but right now they're not what I need.

So, if I want to focus on improving my art and staying sane, it isn't going to be here under a name I don't like with a gallery of art I don't want. Hopefully I'll be revising and re-posting alot of my older art and most likely will remake the anti-het stamp and a few other things; leaving some of my art that makes me feel proud, things that have been re-posted in forums and boards, it's difficult. But I'll improve, do them again, do them better, and hopefully everything will be ok. Hopefully moving will make everything ok. I'm so scared, I need to know I can break away and make a new start in something familiar like this before I can change as a person.

My gallery will now be hidden. If you would like to follow my new account, just PM me.
When I moved last time I linked my new account, but I don't want people mindlessly following me without even remembering who I was. So I won't be rewatching anyone; those of you that are dear friends, I hope you'll follow me because I'd hate to lose you, and I just hope you can understand why I'm doing this the way I am.

..what a hugely pretentious journal. Thank you everyone that's been watching me, faved or commented. I still can't believe something of mine got over 3000 views, it's madness :faint:
  • Listening to: Sakurakurakura - Kagerou
  • Watching: Criminal Minds. Reid <333 Reeeiiid <333


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kougazgurl Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010  Student Digital Artist

Ookiitaruto Featured By Owner May 18, 2010  Hobbyist
You really have SUPER HYPER CUTE ICON!! >///< !!!~ XDD Sry for random, but I love it!! <3333 83
elanielyn Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010
eeeeeey how do I friend you here I want to see your art D:
edthegreat Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2009
I tagged you XD (maybe you can do this if you're bored)

2ndVoice Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2009
Just like it! ^^
Master-Yuki Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2009
Whats your y galllery link?
Hayazaki-Iroke Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fav lovely~ Also, we've known each other for about a year now! 8D
shou-negi Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2009

eh~ has it only been that long? o.o I could have sworn we'd know eachother alot longer than that.. time flies when you're having fun, I guess~ XD
Hayazaki-Iroke Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I know XD We should do something for our anniversary~ XD
shou-negi Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2009
I was sure we knew eachother when I was on my old account, but I guess not D8 hmm.. but yes 8D we should~ anniversaries are fun ;A;
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